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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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-- inside a mount vernon nightclub. now the owner is speaking out. the story coming up. if you smoke, some people want you to start paying more for your cigarettes. i am linda so, the new campaign that starts today to raise the state tobacco tax. >> and today is your chance to let bge know how you feel. they want to know what you think about how they responded to hurricane irene. that story is ahead on this tuesday, october 11thp good morning. i am charley crowson. let's start tuesday off as we do every day at this time with a check of the forecast to see what to expect today and say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. 61. we are showing in the corner of the screen. yesterday we were showing a veil of clouds and the sun trying to get through and the ring around the sun some of you have seen it and maybe the ring around moon yesterday evening and overnight. the cloud are lowering and thickening. this is just the first sign of an approaching storm and we are going to get into it over the next couple days. 100% humidity. a little mist and heavy dew on the cars around the naval
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academy in annapolis. we are looking at the wind shifting to the south southeast pumping in more moisture. 55 towson ellicott city and interior section there's fog. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar right now. pull this back and you will see the rain from virginia through the carolinas. and that's poised to move in our direction. but right now let's get on the direction to work and tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have a broken down car i-97 south at benfield boulevard. no problems to traffic. it's get being by fine. let's look out there and see how traffic is moving along. this is the beltway on the northwest side near old court road. outer loop is moving well through the construction getting to baltimore national pike. might slow down a little bit. jfx at northern parkway no issues to report here. and southbound traffic from the beltway as you head downtown no issues in northern parkway or at coldspring lane. drive times are doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes, outer loop bel air to providence 6
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minutes and 795 to 70, 7 minutes. it's popular mount vernon hot spot and this morning now the focus of a triple stabbinginvestigation. the owner of eden's lounge has something to say about that and corinne redman is standing by with more on that. corinne. >> reporter: well, eden's lounge was open for business as usual last night for a fund- raiser. but on saturday, it was a much different scene with three people were stabbed inside the club. now like you said, the owner is speaking out to abc2 news. so we have cell phone video outside eden's lounge. early sunday morning shows a man with banneddages over a stab -- bandages over stab wounds. three people were stabbed but don't know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. the mount vernon night club grabbed headlines over a year ago when tyrone brown a former marine was killed by an off- duty police officer. the officer was sentenced to 17 years in prison for manslaughter and gun charges.
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eden's lounge owner harold edwards says the club has security and there's a heavy police presence in the area over the weekend. but neighboring businesses say more need to be -- needs to be done. >> people that keep security and do your best to weed out people that are causing problems. >> reporter: so far there have been no arrest in that triple stabbing inside the club. reporting live, corinne redman, abc2 news. 6:03. a crash left at least one person dead this morning not far from the maryland chesapeake house on i-9 5. it happened around 1 when the semitruck slammed into the back of a car. this is the view from our mdot camera from the scene earlier this morning. authorities say the impact from the collision left two other people in pretty bad shape. police in anne arundel county say this man may have had something to did do with an abduction attempt e was arrested after witnesses told police he approached two boys in the park and she says she
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saw him give the kids money and try to walk with them into the woods. police are looking for the witness and two kids and need your help if you know anything about the investigation. call anne arundel county police as quickly as possible. if you a smoker this story might get you fired up a campaign underway to raise maryland's tobacco tax by $1 per pack. linda so is is standing by with the details. linda. >> reporter: right now whoa pay $2 in taxes per pack of cigarettes. the goal is to raise it to $3. have beeny demarco is -- vinny demarco is trying to raise thetax. tell us why. >> to save lives. and raise money for critical health care programs. we have done it over the last decade and raising cigarette taxs in way that saved 70,000 people from unnecessary preventable tobacco caused deaths and we will save lives by alcohol tax we raised this past year. we will guild on -- build on the successes with the increase. it's good policy and good
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politics. our poll shows consistently the vast majority of maryland's voters support raising the cigarette tax and they will vote for candidates who support it. that's why we think the legislature will do this. >> reporter: you were largely behind the alcohol tax and now the tobacco tax. we raised the alcohol tax. what are the chances politically speaking this would pass the general assembly any time in the near future? >> we know tobacco lobbyist are power pull and have money and able to stop the measures for a little bit. but when we bring the hundreds of organizations together from the aarp, who is hosting the event today, the naacp and faith community, the medical community, and community grypes from across the state that, -- groups across the state, that shows legislators they should pass it. we don't know when but we think it will happen. if it doesn't happen in the next couple years, we are prepared to make it a topish
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newt 2014 election and when -- top issue in the 2014 election and when voters are choosing between a candidate that takes the side of the children or the tobacco companies they will choose the candidate who takes the side of our children. >> reporter: you will join us around 6:45 and stay with us and we will talk about this later in the newscast. >> we want your two cents. do you think the tobacco tax should be inscenesed? the official wmar facebook page and weigh in and let us know what you think. it's our top story right now. did you lose power during hurricane irene? if so bge wants to hear from you today. the they are listening to public comments about how they responded following that storm. the meeting is scheduled for tonight at seven in the war memorial building on gay street. three scientists are questioning the conclusion a army microbiologist at fort dietrich acted alone in the
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anthrax attacks. the committee says the research points out connections that deserve further consideration. the justice department stands by the initial findings that he made and mailed the anthrax filled leters that killed five people and sickened 17 others. today the university of maryland will host a forum on homeland security. governor o'malley and secretary of homeland security janet in a pop tano are scheduled to -- napolitano are scheduled to participate in the event. democracy 2012, the economy is taking center stage. tonight republican presidential hopefuls will be in new hampshire with the focus of that debate solely on the economy. rick perry has been down in the polls and under attack as well as front-runner mitt romney. herman cain earned the compliment from the front run here notes the former godfather pizza exec has no experience in
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governance. the protesters cain raisedeyebrows with the unsympathetic word for the workers. >> don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job, and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> now republicans focused on each other president obama is focusing on jobs in pittsburgh where he plans to extradite 14 infrastructure projects that need to get underway. an update to story that we brought you last week. the controversial homeless shelter in dundalk. they hoped to put 16 homeless men in temporary shelters is babbing down from the initial plan. they were supposed to mob into a parsonage. but neighbors made their feelings known loud and clear last week at a meeting and the director of the organization streets of hope says other churches in boughtmore county are stepping in to help fill the void. >> we have very strong faith and we know we will be okay. we just know we will be okay. god will provide. >> the men who were staying
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there for 10 days 20 to a month will be moved to other churches in southeastern bolt core county as -- baltimore county as they and people that help them wait for a permanent solution. people living and working in locust point are sick of a major traffic headache. they have been lobbying to get the ford avenue bridge repaired and now the progress is being made and they are learning it comes with a inconvenience. ford avenue is out of commission meaning long lines at thealternative routes something that frustration residents and cutting off some business owners. >> i been here for a few minutes already and had about 15 cars in front of me. yesterday it was 40 minutes. >> the city says the bridge replacement should be done by the end of june. in time for fort mchenry bicentennial care mow in -- ceremony. it's meant to fight osteoporosis but a drug designed to help with bone loss is offering hope for breast
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cancer patients. plus... >> reporter: some jumping jacks. at least for the little ones. i will look at the event getting kids ready to move coming up. and you think a drink is not manly? think again. localry so thea will hit store shell wfs guys in mind. they are market -- shelves with guys in mind. they are marketing directly to you many now to new york with the late nest business headlines. >> reporter: topping meck's -- latest in business headlines. >> reporter: topping america's money, the stocks soared up a thousand points in less than five days and investors are encourage by the promise of a solution to europe's debt crisis. less than month spinning no a new company netflix decided to reunite all the services under the netflix brand but the pricing plan will remain. customers however won't need to separate accounts. the caravan is coming to the
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end of the road. they want to gib each of the lines a distinct upive loinup and going with the town and country. and who's pro football jerseys are the most popular. nfl shops says michael vick is number 3, tom brady of thepatriots isbut the top selling jersey is aaron rodgers of the green bay packers. and that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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now "tabooed morning maryland." welcome back many little one also set tout break a guinness world record for jumping jacks. emily price jones head start is steaming up with national
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graphic kids magazine. sherrie is live with more. >> reporter: it's time to move. that's the case for youngster. memberly price head start andnational geographic hides magazine are teaming up this afternoon. part of first lady's obama's let's move campaign trying to reduce childhood obesity. she wants to drop the rate from 20% to 5% by 2030. and in today's event the goal is to break the guinness world record title for jumping jacks. in order to do this, more than 20,000 people worldwide need to complete one minute of jumping jacks between 3 p.m. today and 3 p.m. tomorrow. mrs. obama is expected to kick off the 24-hour period with one minute of jumping jacks at the white house. national geographic kids magazine encourages kids and families to get teams and classmates and organizations and communities to join them in breaking the 5th generous world
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record. today -- [ no audio from station ] >> reporter: one minute of jumping jacks at 3 p.m. at the elgin site of the head start. should be a lot of fun. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 now is. and baltimore rain star ed reid are helping baltimore kids work up a sweat. he will host a fitness day at booker t washington middle school. his first fitness day there was in 2008 and the superstar free safety and teammates gave testimonials and demonstrated a variety of skills and a few drills. there's macho ad campaign designed to get you to drink a diet soda. dr. pepper is proclapping, it's not -- proclaiming, it's not for women. they came up with the irene kassorla idea after the idea that men shy away from dietdrinks that are not manly enough of now it will be
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wrapped in gray metal packaging. justin. time for a check of the forecast with justin. would you drink dr. pepper 10? >> i would try it once you go i got the race so it's all watt they are weekend. that means frequent visits somewhere else. let's get this going right now. no, i am okay. you mentioned tide . some you know what i am talking -- tide point. some you have know what i am talking about. we are piling in moisture and this is what we had yesterday in downtown baltimore. high thin clouds lowered and thickened at times and overnight it has been dark. we thickened up the cloud deck and somebody what chance to see moonlight and ring around the moon, a sipe of the high level moisture and the sign we have a storm approaching. clouds will take over today. 61 in easton but with cooler temperatures, 50s and 40s to the north. and there's areas of patchy
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thick fog. let's go back towards south. there's our storm circulating acruets panhandle of florida and -- circulating across the panhandle of florida and heading into the carolinas and virginia this morning. the high pressure is departing and that in between hour storm is a crawler. but it's pulling in that moisture and there's nothing to avoid it to get it from pushing in our direction. there's going to be two storms. the first one storm and a second late on thursday. this morning the rain in through central virginia and future radar is the adoneis model one of many indicating the rain coming in through the afternoon and evening. plan for things to be wet later on in the day. heavy band of moisture this shows in the delmarva but uppedcations we node to have it on and off throughout the day -- need to have it on and off throughout the day as a second wave pushes through wednesday evening. a more heading in through thursday evening and getting out of here. 74 today. dry in the morning with showers
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developing late overnight. want to point out the heaviest rain local flooding possible. more storms late thursday. for those runners on saturday morning the race time is 8 and through noon and purse should be in the 50s and it will be breezy. >> i-97 southbound at -- the broken down car is out of way. the traffic is running smoothly. looking to see how 95 is running between beltway we don't haver use. volume -- have any issues. volume is but it's moving. slight delays on and off toward frederick road. not an issue yet. drive times are doing okay for the most part. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minute and 95 out of white marsh slowing down and the outer loop running well except for old cork road. this morning's health alert, the drying prescribed to
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fight osteoporosis may help women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. those who started the drug at the beginning after the breast cancer therapy were most protected against bone loss in the lower spine and hip area. we are about two weeks away from the komen maryland race for the ekey cure -- for the cure and it takes place sunday october 23rd. go to pink or head to komen for more information if you want to register. the count down is underway. the news slipped out during an interview with beyonce. she is married to jay-z and she says she is ready to take op motherhood along with a career as an actress. p a musician songwriter, producer and model. get ready for a disaster a coastal town is scrambling to prepare for hurricane hova.
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what? what they are doing to keep the residents and tourists safe. and jennifer hudson fans and michael jackson tribute coneffort is expected to hear the sing -- concert is expected to hear the singer perform. she was a no show. why she never showed and failed on the concert. details ahead when "good morning maryland" continues. a áp
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new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. #:23. news around the world an oil leak from a stranded ship is getting worse. the cargo vessel ran aground last wednesday and has been leaking fuel leading to fears it could cause an environmental disaster if it breaks apart. >> we get the impress the ship is settling on the wreath overnight as well we have had a release of oil and from the overflight we estimated that it is an estimate of between 130 and 300 -- 350 tons of oil. >> the oil was found in beach and a favorite spot for
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surfers. it was one of new idealand along the northern island -- new zealand along the northern island. all right hurricane hova strengthen to a category 3 hurricane barreling toward mexico's pacific host. it's predicted puerto vallarta tuesday. late tuesday hotels have evacuated. and check this out underwater salvage experts found a second deep water shipwreck. it is in the northern atlantic ocean. experts plan to recomfort sunken treasure estimated to be 20 tons of silver. that would be worth around 19 million dollars. and jennifer hudson was a no show at michael jackson's tribute. she was slated to perform but she tweeted there were major production issues, problem with that is she was reportedly already paid to attend so organizers were surprised by
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the no show appearance. well we have had amazing video overnight caught on tape. look at the screen and a cyclist caught with a friend bike through south africa. look and listen. >> yeah. an antelope came out of nowhere and slammed the binger during the weekend competition. he is okay and we have to check that out again. bam. grin credible video to -- incredible video to show you including that a shootout caught on camera. what happened at the gas station when robbers tried to come in and take the money and run. what the clerk did in retaliation. also, he is famous on the streets of seattle and man dressing up as a super hero to fight crime is walk away with handcuffs. and a new study has been
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released on supplements. hear which ones are harmful and which ones are safe all coming up.
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. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." vitamin b6, mole folic acid and iron is supposed to be good for you but a study says they could be dangerous for older
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women. we know more about the death of an icon this morning. what steve jobs death certificate reveals about his passing. this morning we will look at why kids are bullying their classmates and look at it in the final half-hour on this tuesday october 11th. good morning i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to justin berk with the latest on what to expect for this tuesday. >> good morning. we have maryland's most powerful doppler radar i will b theretwo days from now at mill brook elementary talking to kids about weather and got a wind for change contest raising money for the cool kids campaign. i wanted to show you pikesville. we are dry this morning. the entire beltway look bes dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. a little patchy fog to be found. we have increased clouds overnight and rainfall just off the southern edge of the screen. and that rainfall tries to build in today starting off


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